Dancing Vegan Yogi


Dancing Vegan Yogi was the first Irish website That I developed, and is a website for a Dance Instructor, Choreographer and Performer from Dublin, Ireland.

dancing vegan yogi


The client wanted to renew her existing website because it did not reflect the look and feel of she wanted to show.


My role was to create a new website that reflects the different services this client wanted to offer as a dancer, like classes and workshops, as well as, to show her experience in different performances.


Firstly, I met with the client, looking to understand their requirements and needs for her website, like keep users update about her classes, workshops and performances, as well as, showing some of her work in images and videos.

In this phase, my approach was to make some sketches and create a mid-fidelity wireframe of the homepage, as a starting point to test it with the client. Then, and after the first impression, I proceeded to develop the rest of the website and delivered wireframes of the internal pages.


As a result, I've developed and maintaining her website, in an own Content Management System (CMS).